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My Claim

When can I make a claim?

You can contact us to begin your claim as soon as the accident or injury occurs.

Who can I make a claim against?

You can make a claim against anyone who owes you a duty of care and has failed to fulfill that duty of care through negligence, which has then resulted in an injury to you. It could be the council, your employer, or even a friend but it is your right to make a claim. In most cases it is not the individual that pays out for your claim, but their insurers. Furthermore on occasions such claims help to ensure that the same or worse does not happen to someone else.

How long after my accident will my claim be valid?

Ordinarily the time limit for making a personal injury claim is set at 3 years. However, there are many circumstances where it may be possible to pursue a claim for an injury as a result of an accident which took place outside of these time frames. The best thing to do if you aren’t sure whether your claim is still valid is to contact us and we will advise you based on the specific details of your case.

Is it a long and complicated process?

The legal process can take time and it is dependent on many different factors. At Harris Fowler we do all the hard work for you and always aim to progress your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

Will I need to fill in loads of forms?

As always there are some forms that need to be filled in and your case handler at Harris Fowler will help you with such forms. We’ll give you step by step instructions if you need them as it’s all part of our service.

What evidence will I need for my claim to go ahead?

Depending on the type of case there may be a need for photographic and witness evidence as well medical evidence. Therefore there may be some occasions when you will be asked to assist us and provide evidence such as photographs of your injuries or the place where the accident occurred. We may also ask you to attend a medical appointment with a specialist Consultant to obtain a report setting out the injuries you have sustained as a result of the accident. Whatever is required, your personal case handler will be able to advise you of the same.

Can I make a claim if I’m under 18 years old or have a mental illness?

Yes – in these circumstances a “litigation friend” will be appointed who will act on your behalf throughout your claim, which will normally be a parent or family member but if you don’t have anyone that can assist you we can apply to the Court to have someone appointed for you.

Can you take over from my current lawyers?

Yes we are able to take over from your current lawyers in most cases and it is something that is not as rare as you may think. We offer a high quality service to our clients and in the event that you are unhappy with your current own lawyer you can come to us.

How can I increase the chances of winning my case?

Make sure we are given all the information requested and that you co-operate fully with your designated case handler so that we are able to give you the best chance of succeeding with your claim.

If I was hit by an uninsured or unidentified driver can I still claim?

Where the motorist who is at fault is either uninsured or untraced, then a safety net for innocent victims is provided by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (the MIB), which provides a fund that can be claimed against in these circumstances. We can act on your behalf to make a claim against the MIB to ensure you obtain the appropriate compensation.