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Man wins four figure compensation for eye injury

A gentleman has been awarded a four figure sum in compensation from his contact lens and solution suppliers.

Mr Brown had been using contact lenses that he had sent to him every 3 months, along with a specialist lens solution to clean them in. On the morning the injury occurred he was going about his usual routine of washing the contact lenses before placing them in his eye. As he did this Mr Brown experienced an excruciating amount of pain and had to forcibly remove the lens as quickly as possible.

Amie Pinnell associate solicitor said that Mr Brown had acted sensibly in visiting his local opticians almost immediately and, when the pain did not subside on the following day, the local eye infirmary. It was discovered that the injury was the result of the incorrect lens solution being provided, fortunately the eye infirmary were able to treat this.

On the successful settlement of this case Amie said “I am not only pleased to win the case for Mr Brown, but also to help ensure that the company involved are more careful in the future so that this doesn’t happen again. The consequences could have been far worse.

Mr Brown made a full recovery within two weeks and said ‘I was very happy with Amie Pinnell, who done a great job’.