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15 year old wins £65,000

When young lads play football a few minor bumps and bruises are only to be expected, serious injury, however, is not.

In this case a 15 year old boy was playing football with friends when the ball became lodged on the roof of a nearby garage. As the tallest amongst his friends he climbed up on to the roof to try to retrieve it. Unable to hold his weight because of the dangerous condition it was in, the roof collapsed suddenly, causing him to fall through it. The boy was seriously injured with severe breaks in both his legs, leading to permanent deformities and scarring.

At 15 the boy’s life ambition was to serve his country by joining the army, now, because of his injuries he will never be able to do so. In dealing with his case this ‘loss of chance’ element was taken into consideration, including the fact that he would now not receive the salary or benefits that he would have done as a soldier.

Thanks to the persistence of our specialist personal injury solicitors the 15 year old boy was awarded £65,000.