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£15,000 for fall at work

Starting a new job is always a daunting prospect, but few expect the experience to be a dangerous one. Fewer still would expect to leave work in an ambulance on their first day.

In this case, Michelle Evans, was starting a new job as an admin assistant. She was given a vague tour of part of the building and was left to get on with her work for the rest of the day. During her lunch break, she ventured out of her room to find the toilets. Eventually finding the correct door, even though the lighting was dim, she pushed it open and stepped through.

Michelle was astonished to find herself falling down a flight of stairs. Landing heavily, she did serious damage to her heel and needed a minor operation to repair it.

Having had her case turned down by a previous solicitors Michelle was pleased when Harris Fowler solicitor Ashley Webb negotiated a settlement of £15,000 to pay for medical treatment and loss of earnings. Michelle said ‘My case was dealt with with professionalism at all times and I was kept informed of any further developments promptly