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£200,000 for man hit by car

We’ve all experienced being stuck on the side of a road in a broken down car, waiting for help to arrive, often in the form of a friend or family member. In this case Gary Griggs had gone to his father’s aid, when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle. He was thrown into the air and landed several feet away from where he had been standing.

The force of the accident left him with extremely serious injuries. He suffered severe fractures to his right leg and ribs, bruising to his shoulders and chest and numerous other cuts and bruises. Gary’s injuries were so significant and disabling that he was unable to return to his previous employment.

Following such a traumatic experience, Gary was also psychologically affected and needed CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Even though this was a complex case and took time, we at Harris Fowler solicitors were able to secure an interim payment to pay for therapy. Gary was therefore able to take the first step towards rebuilding his life, even before his case was settled.

Stephen Baker, partner at Harris Fowler solicitors won £200,000 for Gary and was pleased to enable him to afford the care and treatment that he will continue to need.