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Man wins untraced driver case.

Being hit by an untraceable driver doesn’t mean that you lose your right to claim compensation. Mr Galbraith was travelling on a motorway when an unidentified driver crossed suddenly into his lane. He was forced to take evasive action and this caused him to collide with the central barrier, injuring his neck and shoulder.

Police attempts to trace the driver were fruitless and Mr Galbraith felt that he would never be compensated for his treatment costs. In fact, although many are unaware of it, they are entitled to try to claim compensation from the Motors Insurer’s Bureau (MIB). When Mr Galbraith contacted us we informed him of this option and worked alongside the MIB to ensure that he got the money he deserved.

Mr Galbraith commented that we had provided an ‘excellent service’. At Harris Fowler we pride ourselves on the excellent service we offer to our clients, we feel that all victims of injury should expect nothing less.