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Financial losses for elderly claimants. How the proposed care cuts could affect you…

When someone who is elderly has an accident related injury, the impact on their lives can be devastating in ways that are unique to this portion of the population.

We often find that when we ask clients who are over the age of retirement what their financial losses are they reply stating that there are none because their medication is free, they have free transport, and they have no loss of earnings. Additionally, the clients can often be housebound after the injury and this is not always due to a lack of physical capability but can relate to a loss of confidence.

Such a loss of confidence is being tackled by some progressive GPs on the NHS who have counselling services available but the provision of this service is sparse. There is private counselling available but at a fee.

To assist with the housebound elderly there are a growing number of companies who now are filling the gap left by the local authorities for the provision of home care. This service can be funded as part of a claim if we are able to establish that the need is directly related to the accident.

The financial element of claims for the elderly is very much more of an issue now particularly due to the reforms proposed by the government.

Governments proposals

It has been proposed that as part of the austerity measures that there will be a significant cut in the care budgets for older people which means the elderly clients who have been and are reliant on the care provided by their local authority this is due to be reduced and Age UK revealed by an estimated 8.4%

Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director at Age UK, said: ‘Funding for social care is already inadequate and the system today is failing many older people at the time when they really need help.

‘We anticipate these cuts will condemn many more older people to a miserable existence behind closed doors struggling to keep safe and well.

Age UK’s ‘Care in Crisis’ report calculates that 800,000 older people who currently need social care do not receive any formal support from either state or private sector agencies. Age UK believes this figure will rise to well over one million over the next four years as a result of cuts to local authority budgets.

How can we help

We are able to assist our clients to obtain compensation for the cost of the additional care that they may require, as a result of an injury or loss of confidence arising from an accident, to supplement the NHS and their local authorities.

In addition to this, we can also seek to arrange treatment such as counselling to help our client’s rebuild their confidence and once again enjoy their retirement.

If you or a family member are 65 or older and have suffered an injury as a result of accident that was not your fault then contact us on 0800 213214 or complete our simple on line enquiry form to discuss claiming compensation.