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Is work worth dying for?

Is there any job that you can imagine would be worthy of risking your life for? Occupations usually associated with this high level of risk are the military, the police, the fire service, but who would include the low paid, unappreciated, part-time or agency factory worker in this noble group of heroic individuals.

Many factory workers are asked every day to risk life and limb to just earn a crust to keep themselves and their families above the breadline.

There are two very recent sad cases of Matthew Lowe of Barnsley who was dragged through a steel processing machine and who suffered horrendous multiple injuries and James Dennis Kay in Greater Manchester who was the third employee in seven months to have died at the same chipboard factory, Sonae Industria, in Kirby.

Do Employees have protection?

For a start there is no entirely safe work environment nor is there any entirely safe system of work. What we have in England and Wales are guidelines and regulations that employers must adhere to that will reduce the risk to the employees. The duties also extend to the employees to ensure that they do not work in a way that is not as they were trained or in a way that is likely to cause danger.

So the good news is that for most accidents at work as an employee you can seek compensation but the bad news is that employers may continue to breach regulations because their employees are so intimidated about the prospects of losing their jobs that they will remain silent even when an accident occurs.

Is it worth claiming?

Yes, yes, and yes again. Until you claim the conditions in which you work are unlikely to improve and are more likely to deteriorate. If your employers see that they have their staff so worried about losing their jobs then they will continue to breach the regulations and you will continue to be at a heightened risk. By pursuing a claim, your employer may sit up and take notice that the risks to which you are being exposed in the workplace are not acceptable and that it does result in a backlash against them. It will also assist you and your family in trying to get back into the same position as if the accident hadn’t happened, whether that is for example by recovering lost earnings or providing the necessary treatment to speed up your recovery.

How we can help

We know that making a claim against your employer can seem scary; however it’s your right to do so. We at Harris Fowler will deal with your claim diplomatically and efficiently, ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

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