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Accidents at Sea – Cruise Ship Calamity

Many people opt for taking a cruise as it is regarded as one of the safest ways of travelling and spending your precious holiday. However, accidents can and do happen regularly on cruise ships and unfortunately passengers often suffer not just as a result of an accident but also as a result of food poisoning.

It is possible to claim for any type of accident which caused you an injury that wasn’t your fault whilst you were travelling on a cruise ship. Likewise, if you get affected by food poisoning you will be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

The law relating to any such claim is a particularly complex area and the legal basis upon which you can claim is dependant upon your departure place, your destination and any ports in which you disembark along the way. It is often the case that claims will fall under the provision of the Athens Convention, however if this does not apply and you booked your cruise as a package deal the Package Tour Regulations may apply instead. Differentiating between the two can be difficult and we therefore strongly recommend that anyone who has suffered such an accident or illness gets expert legal advice as soon as possible.

Start preparing now

It is important to note that your claim could have a different limitation period (the date by which legal proceedings must be issued at Court) dependant on whether it falls under the Athens Convention or the Package Tour Regulations. The shortest limitation period (Athens Convention) is only 2 years rather than the normal 3 years. We therefore advise that you get expert legal advice as quickly as possible.

You can take steps to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve by keeping any documents regarding your travel arrangements, receipts and details of any lost luggage should be kept. Also you should consider the importance of this holiday to you. This is sometimes overlooked because you may be a frequent traveller and this short holiday was just one of a number you will be taking or this may have been the holiday of a lifetime for you and if so the upset and loss of enjoyment may be greater.

Finally, take photographs of your bruising, cuts, grazes, and save text messages, emails to friends and family. Save everything in a safe file to be accessed later if necessary.

How can we help

If you have suffered illness or were injured or as a result of an accident on a cruise ship that wasn’t your fault then contact us on 0800 213214 or complete our simple online enquiry form to discuss claiming compensation.