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What is Anne Robinson investigating?

Now everyone is talking about the scandal

Due to efforts of the victims and the support groups not only has the PIP breast implant scandal had widespread coverage in newspapers and in some television news reports but now there will be a special report in the BBC prime time show Watchdog, which is due to be broadcast tonight, 19 April 2012 at 8pm. As the questions and concern go on, further action is being urgently called for.

The clinics that have been identified as providing PIP defective implants are the Harley Group, Surgicare, Transform, to name but a few. However, there are now also many private hospitals and clinics arising from this scandal hoping to capitalise on the new industry that not only plays on the fears of the victims that they may have toxic silicon in their bodies requiring removal but also again on the anxieties of the victims who are desperately trying to maintain or restore their figures to how they were or how they were intended to be. It is therefore extremely important that you act with caution before proceeding with removal or replacement implants.

Is there any legal progress?

Yes is the simple answer; the wheels of justice are turning and investigations are underway.  However, this is unfortunately not a straightforward case of suing your doctor or the hospital or the supplier or the manufacturer.  This is a multilevel litigation which may mean, if found to have acted negligently or in breach of legal obligations, one or more or all of the above potential Defendants could have to provide compensation and it is important that the groundwork is put in to give victims the best possible chance of recovering compensation.

We want to help you because we share your anger and frustration

We do not want to be a sterile, nameless, faceless, information page. We want to know you and your story so we can carefully assess the prospects of your claim and offer advice that will be of benefit to you personally and not make wide-sweeping statements that fail to deal with your individual circumstances.  Yes you all have been victims, and yes you all have suffered, but you are still individuals. Please contact Harris Fowler so that we may consider the details and, if we believe you have reasonable prospects of a successful claim, then we will be able to assist you on a No Win No Fee basis.  This is a free claim assessment with no obligation to pursue compensation.

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