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Archive for May 2012

When the Bionic Hip goes wrong

Between 2003 and 2010 it is estimated that a defective implant (ASR or Corail) was used…

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Diabetes: 24,000 avoidable deaths each year

The Department of Health has failed to deliver diabetes care to the standard it set out as long ago as 2001…

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Beware of the Bull

Each year, many people are left intimidated, injured and occasionally killed by animals whilst exercising their right to use a public right of way over the UK countryside…

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Harris Fowler support ‘Hats For Headway’ day 2012

Harris Fowler supported Headway’s Hats for Headway Day 2012 by paying £1 to wear our hats to work…

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Faulty kitchen appliances pose risk to families

Following the revelation last year that Beko failed to take any action despite being aware that…

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