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Abuse victims entitled to claim

The ongoing allegations relating to Jimmy Savile and the alleged “cover up” by a number of trusted institutions have shocked the entire country and will, it appears, result in a number of inquiries as to how these allegations have remained behind closed doors. The police have now identified more than 200 people who may have been assaulted by the former DJ and television presenter, who died last year, aged 84.

Remember the Victim

Whilst this scandal continues, we think it is important that we remember the victims of this alleged abuse and focus on their welfare. Abuse, such as alleged in these cases, will all too often leave the victim with psychological symptoms, for example nightmares, flashbacks and depression to name but a few. These symptoms can have dramatic effects on the victims’ lives with regard to future relationships, their employment and any additional care or support they may require. The symptoms all too often can have a long lasting effect and sometimes do not become apparent until later in life. We understand the trauma that a victim of sexual abuse can go through and how hard it can be to recover from.
It’s Not Too Late

The allegations made against Jimmy Savile span 40 years and we recognise that it can take many years for victims of sexual abuse to talk about it and to think about taking action. As a result, many victims will believe it is too late for them be able to claim compensation for the symptoms they have suffered; especially when they suffered abuse as a child.

It used to be that a claim for compensation in these types of cases had to be made within 6 years. This prevented victims of childhood abuse being able to bring a claim unless they had done so before their 24th birthday. However, following arguments that this was not good enough, in 2008 the law changed allowing the Courts to consider cases of childhood abuse or sexual assault and enabling them to extend the time in which victims can bring a claim if it is thought to be fair and just to do so. We strongly recommend getting legal advice on making a claim as this process can be complicated.

This change is extremely important as it gives many more victims the possibility of making a compensation claim to recover any losses they have had as a result of the abuse suffered and to undergo treatment where appropriate to assist them in rebuilding their lives.

How we can help

We have a sensitive and professional team of solicitors who have acted for victims of abuse before who can advise anyone who has been affected and wishes to claim compensation. Anything discussed will be done so confidentially.

If you or a family member have been the victim of abuse or sexual assault then contact us on 0800 213 214 or complete our simple on line enquiry form to discuss claiming compensation confidentially.