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In cases of negligence compensation is possible

Breast cancer specialist surgeon, Ian Stuart Paterson, has been suspended by the General Medical Council (GMC) following allegations that he may have performed unnecessary or inappropriate breast operations to in excess of 1,000 British women.
The GMC suspended Mr Paterson following an Interim Orders Panel meeting on 29th October 2012 and he is expected to face a full fitness to practise hearing next year.

The Allegations against Him

Mr Paterson practised in Midland based NHS hospitals and private clinics where it is thought that he performed an unconventional “cleavage sparing” mastectomy on approximately 700 women suffering with breast cancer. The procedure, which has not been approved in the UK and goes against national guidelines, involves a technique where some breast tissue is left around the cleavage area for cosmetic purposes. National guidelines advise that all breast tissue should be removed as failing to do so could result in the cancer returning. This procedure has caused many of the women to undergo further surgery to remove the tissue and sadly in some cases has seen the cancer return. 

The procedures were reportedly carried out without advising his patients that they would be at a higher risk of their cancer returning. It is suggested he did not indicate that it was not a standard procedure and they were therefore unaware that they could be putting their lives at risk.

There are also up to a further 450 women who Paterson allegedly performed invasive and unnecessary lumpectomy procedures on following a suspected misdiagnosis of breast cancer instead of first carrying out a comparably simple biopsy. Some of these women therefore had surgery they didn’t need too.

Medical Negligence Claims

The women treated by Mr Paterson are entitled to pursue medical negligence claims against him for the suffering they have gone through. If you were treated by him, our medical negligence team can provide free and confidential advice about pursuing a claim. 

The allegations against him are a clear example of clinical or medical negligence. To make a successful claim for medical negligence it must be demonstrated that you have suffered either as a direct result of treatment you received or as a direct result of a lack of treatment. The treatment, or lack thereof, must then be shown to have failed to meet the medical or surgical standard expected of such a practitioner. Finally, it has to be established that the injury or illness suffered was caused as a result of the negligence and was not something which would have occurred in any event.

How we can help

We have a dedicated, specialist medical negligence team who have acted in compensation claims on behalf of many victims of inadequate or inept medical treatment.

If you or a family member would like to discuss pursuing a medical negligence claim, or were treated by Mr Paterson, please contact us on freephone 0800 213214 or complete our simple on line enquiry form to discuss claiming compensation. Please advise if you prefer to speak with a female or male member of the team.