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Archive for January 2013

Report your rogue landlord

There are a significant amount of private landlords who fail to keep rental properties in a safe condition for their tenants. Government research has previously revealed that 40% of all rented homes in England are in poor condition and in a survey by Shelter nearly 80% of environmental health officers identified landlords who persistently failed to maintain their properties at the appropriate standard but many were not prosecuted. Landlords are […]

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Whiplash consultation makes no sense

The Government is continuing with its onslaught of reforms to personal injury, in particular with its aim to wipe out whiplash claims, with its latest consultation paper “Reducing the number and costs of whiplash claims”.  The consultation which was issued in December 2012 will end in March 2013. There are two main focuses of the consultation, the first looks at introducing a system of independent medical panels to provide expert […]

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Reforms to compensation for criminal Injuries

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a Government organisation which makes compensation awards to victims of violent crime. The scheme was first introduced in 1964, making it the oldest of it’s type in the world. Over the decades the scheme has been updated on several occasions with the latest scheme being introduced on 27th November 2012. This version has been met heavily with criticism for the restrictions it has […]

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Wear something yellow to support PIP victims

In December 2011 French medical authorities advised all women in France who received breast implants supplied by the Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) Company to have them removed. Although initially, the British medical authorities advised the estimated 47,000 British women who have PIP implants women not too worry, they later also advised that they should be removed. It is now a year later and the outrage continues with women fighting to […]

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What is Anne Robinson investigating?

Now everyone is talking about the scandal Due to efforts of the victims and the support groups not only has the PIP breast implant scandal had widespread coverage in newspapers and in some television news reports but now there will be a special report in the BBC prime time show Watchdog, which is due to be broadcast tonight, 19 April 2012 at 8pm. As the questions and concern go on, […]

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