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Archive for February 2013

Carbon Monoxide awareness

It has very sadly been reported over the weekend that an elderly couple and their daughter are believed to have died as result of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning from a portable heater in their caravan. Carbon monoxide, which is known as the silent killer, is believed to take approximately 40-50 lives and result in around 4,000 attendances at Accident & Emergency each year in England. This tragic event highlights the […]

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Electrical appliances cause house fires

We currently seem to be facing a barrage of defective products in the UK with PIP implants, metal on metal hip implants and now the horsemeat debacle. A lesser talked about area with defective products at present is that one of the most common causes of fires in the home is defective electrical appliances. There are approximately 7000 house fires across the UK each year which are caused by faulty […]

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Questions remain over horsemeat scandal

The current horse-meat scandal continues to top the headlines as further supposed beef products have been identified as containing up to 100% horsemeat and questions are therefore being raised as to whether consuming horse-meat poses any health risk. Whilst horse-meat alone does not pose a health risk, it has been identified that a drug called phenylbutazone, known as ‘bute’ which was banned from human consumption several decades ago, could be present in the horse-meat  The drug used […]

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Surgeons call for the end of Botox parties

It is estimated that in 2011 there were 669,711 surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures carried out in the UK and it is considered that there are approximately 200,000 anti-wrinkle injections, including Botox and fillers carried out in the UK each year. Yet remarkably many of the non-surgical procedures, such as laser treatment, Botox and other injectables, are carried out by people with no medical training whatsoever and often in peoples’ […]

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