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Archive for April 2013

Take steps on the stairs to prevent trips or falls

“To fall down stairs is not only to fall off a cliff, but to fall on rocks below, for the nosing of steps presents a succession of sharp edges” (Templer et al, 1978). Stairs are the place where most deaths and serious injuries happen in the home. Reports have indicated that more than 1,000 people die every year from falling down stairs with an estimated further 250,000 non-fatal accidents on […]

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Employers responsibility for employees negligent actions

The responsibility of an employer for the negligent actions of their employee, which causes injury, falls within the legal doctrine of vicarious liability. Essentially, it sets out that if an employee has committed a negligent act in the course of their employment, the employer will be held accountable and responsible for any claim which arises as a result of it. Vicarious liability itself is not a principle which was created […]

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Health and Safety – Myth or Madness

In recent years there has been significant focus on whether we have become a nation obsessed with ‘health and safety’ resulting in the introduction of what are often considered to be ludicrous rules stopping us all from having fun.  The government has fully supported this perception with the Prime Minister announcing in January 2012 that he intended to kill the “health and safety monster”. In reality, most of the health […]

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Seek advice when injury puts paid to future play

Over the last week there has been extensive national coverage about a football tackle by the Wigan midfielder Callum McManaman on Newcastle United defender Massaido Haidara. The tackle occurred during a Premiership match between the two clubs and for a period it was thought that Haidara had suffered a serious injury to his knee which could have seen an end to his Premiership football career. Luckily for Haidara it now […]

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