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Archive for June 2013

Safety is as Crucial as the Line-Up of Stars

There are over 300 Summer music festivals in the UK and Glastonbury is not just the biggest but is also one of the best and it’s proudly held here in the West Country.  This is the annual opportunity for all you partygoers to let your hair down, get really muddy if the weather is cruel, drink, camp out in tents and enjoy a world renowned event – so long as […]

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Nightclubs – Balancing Enjoyment with Safety

I’ve noticed how often the names of local nightclubs change and it made me think that if every new owner’s aim is to improve the experience for its guests why are there still so many accidents in nightclubs? In 1981 a total of 48 people died in a fire at the Stardust nightclub in Dublin.  In 2011 a 22 year-old student was crushed to death in a stampede when a […]

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Office Workstations – An Ergonomic Problem

Being an ‘office worker’ myself I was surprised to see in the news that ‘badly setup desks and chairs cost companies more than £7 billion a year in sick pay’ according to one study.  That is a staggering amount of money and it’s clear that many employers haven’t learned the lessons from employees seeking compensation for a variety of illnesses which range from lower spinal displacement, migraines and on some […]

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Take Care in the Countryside

It appears that spring has eventually sprung and summer isn’t far behind it with the sunshine we have been getting in the Southwest recently and what better time to get out into the countryside to enjoy a walk and perhaps a picnic. For most of us, this is one of life’s pleasures especially living in such a beautiful part of the country but each year many people are left intimidated […]

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