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Archive for August 2013

Holiday Cruises; Sailing into troubled waters

I learned recently that there are over 300 cruise liners operating throughout the world and that’s not surprising when you see the vast array of fabulous cruises now available.  Of course they come at a price and people often save for a long time to enjoy that ‘holiday of a life-time’.  Whilst the vast majority of these are truly wonderful experiences, it is a sad fact that there are regular […]

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Pedestrians and Motorists

In the ideal world pedestrians and motorists would live in harmony but this simply isn’t going to happen.  for a pedestrian being hit by a motor vehicle can clearly have tragic consequences and the statistics continue to be a serious cause for concern.  In 2011 over 450 pedestrians were killed and 5,500 were seriously injured in road traffic incidents in the UK.  The courts have long since acknowledged that because […]

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Poor NHS Treatment: Don’t be frightened to complain!

I am one of the millions of people in this country that have rarely had to complain about poor NHS treatment and I am extremely grateful for the fact that we have a National Health Service. Not everyone will have the same view of course and this is clear from the continuing rise in allegations of clinical negligence across the NHS. There are numerous ways to raise a complaint regarding […]

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Landlords and Tenants

Despite much publicity there are still a significant number of landlords and tenants that have disputes over the state of rental properties. Indeed as many as 40% of all rented homes in England are in poor condition.  This is a popular time of year for many people to move house and a crucial part of that process is to carry out an inspection of the property before you enter into […]

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Working at Height: Simple Steps could save your Life!

With all this warm weather it’s no surprise to see so many people outside doing those jobs which involve a piece of equipment that causes over 90,000 people to visit A&E each year from which at least 300 die.  I’m referring to the use of a ladder and, although injuries involving ladders at home can be serious, the work related incidents appear to be much worse because of the heights […]

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