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Archive for September 2013

Henna Tattoos; do your research first!

This article appeared in the Western Morning News on 26th September 2013 I’m always amazed at the array of tattoos that people have and because of the potential risks with conventional methods ‘temporary’ henna tattoos has grown hugely in popularity in recent years.  However the number of reports of people suffering quite serious side effects from ‘black Henna’ tattoos is on the increase and along with this has been a rise in […]

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Working with Asbestos; A ‘slow-burning’ killer

Working with Asbestos, which has been used in manufacturing and construction for many years, is causing huge cause for concern because we are now acutely aware of just how dangerous the product is.  Asbestos is a mineral that is made up of silicon, oxygen, hydrogen and other metal ions but they form needle shaped fibres that are so small that they cannot be seen unless the concentration in the air […]

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Calculating the right Compensation

Calculating the right compensation is a specialist skill that good law firms need if they are to attract new clients.  Those that advertise the ability to settle claims in a matter of weeks may not be in the best interests of their clients.  I can see why that would be an attractive and satisfactory outcome for some people and that might be entirely appropriate if the claimant had suffered only […]

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