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Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work – Simple Steps
Gary Whitaker – Solicitor

Accidents at WorkThere are over 200,000 serious accidents at work every year in the UK despite employers having a legal obligation keep workers safe. If you are injured in an accident at work then you need to take steps to ensure that your employer cannot deny any wrongdoing or claim that your accident did not happen at all.

You are strongly advised to follow these essential steps:

  1. Record your accident in the accident book. Do not sign the accident book if the entry is not correct. If there is no accident book then make a note of the accident on a piece of paper.
  2. Sign and date the paper and give it to your employer and keep a copy (use your mobile phone camera to take a picture of the note or accident book entry).
  3. Make a note of the names of witnesses to the accident.
  4. Record the name of anyone who admits responsibility.
  5. Record your employers insurance company details and policy number. If this is not on display, ask for the details.
  6. Take clear photographs of whatever has caused your injury, be it an object, machinery, tripping hazard, exposed wiring or liquid on floor etc.
  7. Try to ensure the object or machinery is not replaced or destroyed as it is vital evidence in a case. If it is replaced then the original must be kept safe for inspection and a report (to be prepared if you make a claim).
  8. If you slip on liquid then record the type of liquid, the exact location and the likely source and the approximate size of the pool.
  9. If possible take photographs as well as measurements.
  10. If your clothes are wet try and take a photograph of them too.
  11. If you are injured lifting heavy objects at work then do record exactly how heavy the objects are.
  12. If you are taken to hospital ensure the doctor takes down an accurate note of what happened.
  13. If  you do not go to hospital then make an appointment with your GP and ensure they have an accurate record of what happened.
  14. If you are seriously injured and off work for 3 days or more then your employer must inform the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the accident. Check this has been done.
  15. You may be able to prove that your employers are to blame for your accident and as a result claim for the costs private rehabilitation treatment in addition to claiming for compensation.
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