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Archive for July 2014

Holiday nightmares

As hundreds of wanna be holiday makers are stranded due to power failures in the Euro-tunnel system, one is reminded of the lengths we sometimes have to go to make sure we get the break we deserve. Having spent a good time of the year slogging away at work so that we can earn the right to get away, the last thing any of us wants is to be delayed […]

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Health and Safety-who cares?

A recent report in the national newspapers of the unfortunate death of a young man whilst on an expedition on Svalbard highlighted the concerns of the author of an investigation into the tragedy. The report, which was commissioned very soon after the tragedy, highlighted a lack of proper equipment, proper staff and supervision and proper training. the report also appears to lean towards the view that had these measures been […]

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Beware of Superbugs

This is the latest news item to sweep the country after comments made by the Prime Minister David Cameron regarding the threat of so called ‘Superbugs’. Of course it is quite clear that there are many changes happening in the ‘bacteria’ world and it would be obvious to many that the bacteria would adapt to changes such as man made drugs or anti-biotics. That is the natural way of the […]

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