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Beware of Superbugs

This is the latest news item to sweep the country after comments made by the Prime Minister David Cameron regarding the threat of so called ‘Superbugs’. Of course it is quite clear that there are many changes happening in the ‘bacteria’ world and it would be obvious to many that the bacteria would adapt to changes such as man made drugs or anti-biotics. That is the natural way of the world.

What is probably not clear for everyone is the advice handed out by different practitioners in the medical world. The far more sensible amongst them will probably tell you to make sure that you wash your hands regularly after handling things that could spread infection, such as raw food. Strangely enough I know a few of my family members won’t touch meat with their bare hands.

There are also those who would advocate less use of antibiotics stating that they are adding to the bacteria’s ability to change. That may be true but the wider public may not be accepting of such a view given the amount of commentators that have said the ‘Superbugs’ are marching on. What is clear is that although many medical practitioners are advising ‘best practice’ with regards to hygiene it is not always practiced within some of the hospitals and clinics around the country. Hence the reason we as a firm are contacted on a regular basis with regards to claims for medical negligence in connection with infections.

It must be highlighted that many clinics are getting better at protecting the patients that they look after. Of course that may or may not be a result of the amount of litigation that has been conducted over the past few years, and many practitioners in the law would see that litigation can almost keep the NHS ‘honest’.

I happened to hear that the drug companies are not willing to research further with regards to antibiotics as it ‘doesn’t make much money’. Yet again we the public are subject to the whim of those with the purse strings rather than what’s best for the greater public.

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