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Road Safety Campaigns


The Christmas Drink Drive campaigns operated by Police Forces across the UK are getting results. However their message is not just about reducing the numbers driving whilst over the legal limit during the festive period. Road Safety Campaigns operate all year of course and the wider message is to promote road safety generally. The effort put in by all the agencies involved is to be commended and speed cameras being switched back on in certain parts of the country is already having an effect. Reducing speed saves lives!

In the Avon & Somerset area the campaign to reduce anyone driving under the influence of drink or drugs has been called Operation Tonic and it forms part of the “Have the Christmas you Deserve” campaign. Two years ago Avon & Somerset Police introduced a text message system where members of the public can report a drink or drug driver by calling 999 or text the word ‘drunk’ with brief details to 81819. According the Avon & Somerset Constabulary website it has already been a great success and is one of the so-called ‘fatal four’ offences along with speeding, not wearing a seat-belt and using a mobile phone whilst driving. On the 14th December 2013 the Avon & Somerset Police posted on their website details of an incident where a suspected drink driver was reported by door-staff at a local pub. The suspect was arrested within 2 minutes of the tip-off and shows how effective public support can be.

We all acknowledge that not every collision is going to be attributed to drink drug driving but negligent drivers cause a significant number of injuries where the victims are seriously injured. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends – and celebrating.  What no-one wants to have to deal with is the aftermath of a road traffic collision in which someone is injured. The consequences can be significant and disruptive. Time in hospital, rehabilitation, an inability to work, loss of income and potentially a long period out of work.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a road traffic collision there is much you can do to lessen the burden on what follows later. If you can take details of all the parties involved in the incident. Include names/addresses of any witnesses. Take photographs of the accident scene. If someone is injured report the matter to the police and make sure that the victim seeks medical attention sooner rather than later.

There is a lot to think about following a road traffic incident and before making any major decisions, particularly if you’ve been injured, take professional advice from a specialist firm of solicitors like Harris Fowler who deal with incidents of this type on a daily basis.

Drive safely and enjoy your Christmas.