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Think ! Do I Need To Make That Journey….

Cars under snow in black and white

It’s that time of year when the bad weather can make any journey a very hazardous experience. As was shown only a couple of weeks ago in the North of England and in Scotland when the snow hits it can be devastating. Of course any extreme weather can be responsible for a lot of the accidents that happen on our roads at this time of year and it doesn’t always have to be snow. High winds and rain may cause flooding and trees to fall and block roads. Ice can be a major problem for a lot of vehicles on the road, particularly ‘Black Ice’.

If a journey has to be undertaken then a few thoughts should be taken into account. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and serviced. Ensure that you carry emergency items such as a blanket, torches, High Visibility vests or jackets and a fully charged communication device such as a mobile telephone. It may also be prudent to let other members of your family or friends know where you are intending to travel to and from so that if assistance is required somebody should know roughly where you should be.

Most importantly, if you have to take the journey drive carefully. Remember that certain road conditions such as ice will mean braking distances can be almost doubled in some cases. Tyres should be at the uppermost level of efficiency so that you will have maximum grip on the road. Always check the weather forecast for your area and the area where you are intending to travel. Remember, better to arrive late than not at all.

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