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Winter Holidays

Skiing, winter, snow,  skiers, sun and fun - family enjoying winHolidays are not just for the summer with a lot of people heading off to winter sunshine or like many to the ski slopes of the world.

Skiing holidays are of course a little more risky than your average summer package holiday in that one may be participating in what some would consider a dangerous sport. It is inevitable therefore that the risk of injury is likely to be higher, which begs the question; can you still claim for an injury whilst on a skiing holiday or similar activity?

YES you can, as long as it’s covered by the Package Tour Regulations but be aware of time limits for making a claim.

Package Tours

Package tour companies have a responsibility to holiday makers for all parts of their holiday to be performed properly even where certain elements of the holiday are carried out by another party or supplier. To bring a claim under these regulations your holiday must be a “Package Tour”, this means that at least two parts of your holiday must be booked through one company e.g. the flight and the hotel. It is important that you retain any booking information to demonstrate this. If your accident occurs in your hotel, as long as this was booked as part of the Package Tour then the Package Tour company are liable for any personal injury you sustained.

Time Limits

The Package Tour Regulations apply to holidays both in the UK and abroad. It is important to note that different countries have different limitation periods being the time period you have to make your claim after the accident has occurred. For instance in Spain the limitation period is 1 year. However, if the package tour company is registered in England or Wales then it can fall within English law and the limitation period will likely be 3 years .We advise that if you suffer a personal injury whilst on holiday you contact us as soon as possible to make sure you are within the time limit to make a claim.

If you or a family member have been involved in an accident in the past three years then contact us to discuss claiming compensation.