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Public Liability

Health and Safety-who cares?

A recent report in the national newspapers of the unfortunate death of a young man whilst on an expedition on Svalbard highlighted the concerns of the author of an investigation into the tragedy. The report, which was commissioned very soon after the tragedy, highlighted a lack of proper equipment, proper staff and supervision and proper training. the report also appears to lean towards the view that had these measures been […]

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Crumbling road network – Who pays in the long run?

Crumbling Road Network – Who pays in the long run? After the the glorious temperatures of the summer, where we saw the tarmac on roads melting in the heat, winter is almost upon us and dropping temperatures will soon create a crumbling road network and even more potholes appearing.  Damaged roads and pavements inevitably result in more accidents where people are injured and seek compensation.A report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance [AIA] earlier […]

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