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The Legal Process

Who will I deal with throughout my case?

Every client will have a personal, dedicated lawyer who will represent them throughout their claim, assisting them and guiding them through the legal process. In addition they may also deal with the case handler’s assistant or secretary who will be able to answer most general enquiries.

Do I need to meet with my solicitor?

For the majority of the time whilst our professional lawyers deal with your case they are able to communicate with you via telephone, letter and email. There may be occasions when you will need to meet with your Solicitor and we can adapt to your needs. At Harris Fowler we always try to work in a way that is most convenient to you and enables us to conduct your case in an efficient manner.

How long will my claim take?

It is impossible to give an exact estimate as it will entirely depend upon the circumstances of each individual case. Your lawyer will keep you informed of the legal process and will be able to give you a more accurate guide as to the length of time your case may take as the case progresses. The main concern is to ensure the claim is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

The insurance company offered me a settlement, should I accept?

This is unfortunately quite a common practice by insurance companies, with many of them offering far less than the victim needs or deserves. To make sure you receive the right amount of compensation you should always get professional advice from specialist solicitors such as Harris Fowler.

Will I need to attend a medical examination?

The short answer is most likely to be ‘Yes’. In order to obtain the maximum compensation medical evidence will be required in the form of an experts’ report and therefore we may need to arrange for you to see a medical expert who specializes in the type of injury you have suffered. The report is designed to give an indication as to the amount of compensation you will be able to claim for your injuries and an indication of potential further treatment that may be required.

Do you always settle cases out of court?

The vast majority of claims settle without the need for court proceedings which in any event are always considered to be a last resort measure. If you do have to attend court we will explain the legal process to you in terms that are clear to you without overuse of legal jargon. Remember we are experts in our field.

What if the other person won’t admit it’s their fault?

Liability or fault is not always admitted straight away or at all and it is the job of your Solicitor to fight your corner in cases where fault is not admitted. If fault is not admitted then your case may need to be issued in the courts and we will guide you through the legal process throughout.

Will you keep me up to date with how my case is going?

As you will have instructed Harris Fowler to act for you and we are a professional firm, we will of course keep you up to date with what’s going on with your case and consult you at every stage of the legal process to make sure we have your full instructions. We are likely to be very busy on your case and others but we will always have the time to answer your queries.