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Professional Negligence – Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury LawyersWhen someone makes a claim for a personal injury caused by the negligence of a third party getting the right legal advice is paramount. These types of claim can have a devastating effect on a client’s life and the wrong advice, poor preparation and missing important deadlines can leave them thousands of pounds out of pocket.  Personal Injury Lawyers operate in a very specialised area of law and allegations of poor service can arise in any number of ways including:

  • Not advising client on the limitation period for bringing a claim.
  • Making a procedural error which results in a claim being struck out by the Court.
  • Failing to claim for damages to cover loss of congenial employment, loss of earnings or pension loss.
  • Failing to claim for the cost of rehabilitation which, depending on the severity of the injury, can be substantial.
  • grossly undervaluing a claim.

These are extremely important issues and highlights the reason that client’s should seek advice from a specialist firm who has the knowledge, experience and success in this area of law.

What is the Harris Fowler approach?

At Harris Fowler we make a very careful assessment of the legal issues involved to establish what the allegations are against the professional, what advice was given, in what form, why that advice might have been wrong and what losses were suffered by the client as a result. The basic aim of pursuing a professional negligence action is to put our client into the position they would likely to have been in had the professional not breached the duty owed to that client.

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Personal Injury Lawyers

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If you or a family member may have received advice from a personal injury lawyer which you feel was negligent or you relied on their advice which you now consider to be incorrect, or you’re simply not sure whether you have a possible claim for professional negligence, please pick up the phone and call us. You can do so either by calling our FREEPHONE number 0800 213214.