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Seriously Injured Pedestrian

seriously injured pedestrian

Pedestrians are at risk

We represented a seriously injured pedestrian who was in collision with a motor vehicle.  He suffered serious head injuries and remained in a coma for several weeks after the accident. He suffered severe pre and post accident amnesia.

The Legal Issues

Liability was strenuously denied on the basis that our client should not have been in the road and that the defendant driver did not have sufficient time to avoid hitting our client. Heavy reliance was placed on eye witnesses to the accident and the police investigations to prove what had happened. Forensic enquiries were begun in to the vehicles speed, road conditions, the driver’s reaction times and so on.

The Client’s Injuries

Due to our client’s extensive amnesia he could not recall the accident or indeed even basic details about his life before the accident. We therefore arranged for a private investigator to find out about our client’s lifestyle prior to the accident in order to draw a comparison to his post accident life style, for the purpose of valuing his claim. Family members and friends were interviewed and enquiries made of previous employers to establish our client’s work history, in order that past and future loss of earnings could be calculated.

Our client suffered extensive neurological and orthopaedic injuries which rendered him partially immobile and he relied on nursing staff to care for him, particularly in the early days. As a result of his independence being taken away, and the frustrations caused by his injuries, our client became depressed.

We organised for various medical experts to report on exactly the injuries sustained in order to establish our client’s physical and emotional rehabilitation, nursing care, and housing needs. Following this he case was settled out of court and was valued in excess of £800,000.

We then organised for his compensation to be placed in a secure personal injury trust fund which was administered by his friends and family.