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The Claims Process

the claims process

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We pride ourselves on taking the stress out of making a claim so that you can focus on any treatment you are receiving, recovering from your injuries and rebuilding your life. Once your file has been opened you will be assigned to a dedicated case handler who will keep you updated and advise you throughout your claim.

The following is a brief step by step guide of what to expect when making a claim with Harris Fowler.

The Claims Process

When you contact us, we take a few quick details before putting you through to one of our experienced and friendly Legal Claims Advisors who will discuss the circumstances of your accident with you and confirm whether we will take your claim on. NB. If you would prefer we will arrange a convenient date and time for a legal advisor to call you back.

Your file will be opened and assigned to a dedicated case handler within the appropriate team who will introduce themselves to you and get your claim started as quickly as possible. We will assess any treatment & rehabilitation requirements you have and assist with these as appropriate.

The party believed to be responsible for your accident (Defendant) is legally entitled to a period of  3 weeks (21 days) to acknowledge the claim and up to a further 3 months to investigate your claim before either accepting or denying that they are at fault. (NB. Different time frames apply to Road Traffic Accident cases). Your case handler will update you as your claim progresses through this stage and will notify you when a decision is received and how your particular claim will proceed from this point. If necessary, a barrister may be involved to advise on your case.

The Claims ProcessWe will arrange for you to have a private appointment with a medical consultant specific to your injuries in your local area. The consultant will then prepare a report which sets out the injuries you have sustained, any recommended treatment, what level of recovery they expect you to make and the time-scale in which you will make that recovery. We use this to work out how much compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. We will again assess any treatment & rehabilitation requirements you have and assist with these as appropriate. We will also put together a schedule of all the other losses and expenses you are entitled to claim back.

We will negotiate the settlement of your claim as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that you are getting the compensation you are entitled to and deserve. The majority of cases are settled out of Court, but we cannot guarantee this in all cases.

Once your claim has been settled you will be contacted by the Harris Fowler Costs. They will arrange for payment of your legal costs directly with the Defendant and will ensure that you receive your compensation as swiftly as possible.

This is a general guide as to how your claim will be dealt with for standard personal injury cases, obviously every case is different and we will deal with your claim in the most appropriate way dependent on the type of case you have and the seriousness of the injuries you have suffered.

If you have any questions about the claims process see our FAQ’s or call today on 0800 213 214 and speak to one of our friendly team for advice and guidance.

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