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Vibration White Finger

What is Vibration White Finger?
vibration white finger

A potential cause of Vibration White Finger!

Vibration White Finger is quite often found in people whose occupation involves their hands being exposed to vibration and it has the effect of causing the small blood vessels in the fingers go into spasm.  This can lead to a colour change in the skin and also a change in the feeling to the fingers such as numbness or a tingling sensation.

Vibration white finger mainly occurs in the workplace particularly in construction jobs, where workers are using tools that vibrate.  What makes it worse is that the employer often fails to allow employees to take regular breaks and therefore they are using the machines for excessive periods of time.  Equipment that regularly causes these symptoms are those used in construction and could include jackhammers, breakers, sanders, grinders, disc cutters and hammer drills.


What is the Harris Fowler approach?
vibration white finger

Jack-hammers – use should be carefully monitored

We take the view that employers owe their workers a duty of care to properly asses the risks of their environments.  They need to take appropriate action to reduce the time their workers are using these pieces of equipment and ensure that they are not faulty.  Despite the changes in the law from the 1st October 2013, which involve the use of work equipment, we are very proactive in pursuing a personal injury claim on behalf our clients.

How we can help?

If you or a family member have been involved in working in an environment which has caused you to suffer this debilitating condition and you would like free and professional advice, please call our FREEPHONE number (0800) 213214 or call the firm direct on 01823 251515.

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