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Road Traffic Accident Victim

road traffic accident victimI represented this Claimant [Mr F] in 2008 when he was only in his 30’s and unfortunate to become another road traffic accident victim.  He was driving his vehicle when he was hit from behind by another motorist.  Due to the strength of the evidence presented liability was admitted fairly quickly but the difficulty with the case was due to my client’s medical complications.  He had sustained significant injuries to both knees and suffered ongoing symptoms. Despite this the defendants would not settle and therefore I issued protective proceedings in the County Court in July 2010.

Mr F was married with two young children to support.  After the accident he tried to keep working but the pain in his knees intensified and in April 2009 his condition had deteriorated to the point where he had to leave his employment.  His priority was to concentrate on receiving intensive medical treatment.

Mr F was incredibly patient with the length of time that this case took to conclude, for a variety of legal reasons, including issues with the medical experts.  Bearing in mind the additional stress he was under, with the substantial losses he incurred when he had to stop work, he showed remarkable courage.  He had received one interim payment in the sum of £ 30,00.00 and I was seeking a much greater level of compensation for what were significant injuries.  I also submitted a claim for for special damages to cover his past loss of earnings and his future handicap in the labour market because of his disability.

The Barrister who I instructed gave an opinion that my client’s damages would not exceed £20,000.  He took the view that there would be no future loss of earnings claim because the client made himself redundant by resigning due to his fear of worsening his symptoms.  With careful negotiation and a robust argument on all these issues I was delighted to successfully settle this claim for the sum of £110,000. Although this claim was complex, and took some time to settle, the client was delighted and relieved with the outcome.