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Severe Skin Reactions

Thousands of employees are working in various professions which often have a common theme; they work with and are therefore exposed to harmful chemicals. Having the right Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] is absolutely essential because of the vast array of chemicals used in industry from manufacturing to those used by cleaners.

At Harris Fowler we receive numerous enquiries from potential clients that complain of having no PPE or equipment that is clearly not adequate for the conditions in which they are working. We adopt a robust approach to these breaches and have in place a specialist legal team to represent clients who have suffered injuries as a result of being exposed to harmful chemicals which cause severe skin reactions.

It is when employers fail in their duty of care to provide the correct PPE, and to have systems in place whereby staff are required and encouraged to wear them, that employees can develop various conditions including severe skin reactions. The effects can range from a mild irritation for a few days to a severe allergic reaction which can produce devastating and long-term problems.

Harris Fowler can help

If you or a family member have been involved in working with substances and have developed a severe skin reaction as a result then please get in touch,. You will receive free, confidential and professional advice. Please call our FREEPHONE number 0800 213214.

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