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Harris Fowler cares for the Carers

Do you work in the Care Industry? Well if you do then it is likely you will have suffered some form of physical or psychological trauma inflicted either by the person you care for or possibly by a colleague. In other words, when was the last time you went to work and were punched, kicked, spat at, verbally abused, had your hair pulled, were dragged around by your arm, scratched, bitten or traumatized.

We do not believe, in the majority of cases, the reason is because you personally are inadequate nor is it the fault of the person you care for. There is a problem in the Care Industry and as with most problems it will take legal action to force the change and raise the profile of the abuse suffered by the care workers to find a way to improve conditions.

The problems:

Challenging Behaviour

Carers frequently have to deal with patients and residents who have been diagnosed as suffering from “challenging behaviour”. This is a much overused term to apply to a vast spectrum of conduct. Perhaps a better description of the patients with “challenging behaviour” would be violent, unpredictable, and likely to cause significant harm.

Inadequate Systems at Work to Prevent Violence

Your employer has a duty to ensure that you are safe at work but we believe that this duty is being repeatedly abused when it comes to safety for care workers. Are you told by your line manager to stop whinging and get on with it; or that everyone employed as a carer is likely to be injured so you agreed to this when you took on the job; or that if you complain you will lose your job?

After a Physical Attack

For a care worker who is the victim of violence at work, in addition to the pain of the injury this is usually compounded by an experience filled with anxiety to return to work and they find it stressful and challenging to integrate back into their health role. They are sometimes offered counselling but this is usually an “in house” scheme and there is therefore not sufficient distance for many employees to feel comfortable sharing their feelings of distress.

How we can help:

If you have been injured during your employment as a carer as a result of your employers’ failure to provide adequate training, to implement appropriate systems or their general lack of care for your safety in the work place, you could be entitled to compensation.

At Harris Fowler, we want to help injured carers get their lives back on track by providing a service which not only looks to compensate you for your losses and injuries but also seeks to get any treatment and rehabilitation needed to enable you to rebuild your life and move forward.

We would like to help and can offer you advice on how to claim if you have been injured in the past three years.

As long ago as last May 2010, Professor Brian Littlechild wrote –

“Zero tolerance of violence

Rising incidents of violence to social care staff and patchy safeguards by employers need to be tackled radically

Violence against social care staff is a pervasive and enduring problem, as evidenced in the survey results set out in this edition. These results highlight that the number of incidents of different types of violence and abuse is high, and that recognition, training and policies in agencies are often inadequate. “

Wednesday 05 May 2010 09:34

Help us to raise the profile of the way in which carers are treated and to try and make a difference.

If you or a family member have been the victim of violence at work then contact us on 0800 213214 or complete our simple on line enquiry form to discuss claiming compensation.