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Personal Injury is the term used when a person is physically and/or psychologically harmed as a result of an incident that came about through someone else’s actions. For example if a person was in a car either as a passenger or a driver, and another person then caused another vehicle to hit that car and physical and/or psychological harm was caused.

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There are a wide variety of personal injury cases resulting from incidents that occur either on one occasion or over a period of time and in different scenarios. Therefore there could be an accident at work, or a road traffic accident as described above, or someone suffering from breathing problems as a result of long standing working practices.


As a result of the different types of accident there are different types of injury which tend to be classified according to the incident leading to the injury. Some incidents will result in injuries that are complex such as Brain and Spinal injuries, Asbestosis Disease and Clinical and Dental Negligence. Some incidents will involve less complex injuries but be referred to according to the type of accident, such as a Road Traffic Collision or a Public Liability case.

As for compensation for the injury itself there two main areas of claim which are known as General Damages and Special Damages. General Damages are awarded for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity. This means that the court takes into account not only the extent of the pain and suffering, but also the extra inconvenience that it causes.

Special Damages cover out of pocket losses that have occurred as a direct result of the injury. The out of pocket losses are often put into relevant categories or ‘Heads of Claim’. The list is not exhaustive but usually contain the following:

  • Loss of earnings including bonuses and overtime which may be relevant to past,  present and future earnings.
  • Travel to and from medical appointments with your GP or hospitals.
  • Medication expenses as a result of the injuries sustained.
  • Medical care and rehabilitation required such as physiotherapy or other such  treatment.
  • The cost of any special equipment or adaptations to your home that need to be made.
  • Any care given to you by members of your family or friends or professionals such as  assistance with domestic duties like housework, shopping or laundry, and more  personal activities such as washing, dressing and feeding yourself.
  • Damage caused to any of your personal effects such as clothing or equipment.
  • Loss of future employment opportunities that may arise as a result of the injuries  sustained, such as a promotion that you would not be able to take  up or the fact that  you may have to stop working in the job you were when your were injured.

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*Cases issued and finished between 01.01.17 and 31.12.17