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How much compensation will I be awarded?

Compensation can be awarded in three distinct areas and every case is dependent on your individual circumstances. There will be compensation for the injury itself which is known as General Damages, which is for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity. There may also be an award for Special Damages which can cover out of pocket losses that have occurred as a direct result of the injury. The out of pocket losses are often put into relevant categories or ‘Heads of Claim’. The list is not exhaustive but usually contain the following:

  • Loss of earnings including bonuses and overtime which may be relevant to past, present and future earnings.
  • Travel to and from medical appointments with your GP or hospitals.
  • Medication expenses as a result of the injuries sustained.
  • Medical care and rehabilitation required such as physiotherapy or other such treatment.
  • The cost of any special equipment or adaptations to your home that need to be made.
  • Any care given to you by members of your family or friends or professionals such as assistance with domestic duties like housework, shopping or laundry, and more personal activities such as washing, dressing and feeding yourself.
  • Damage caused to any of your personal effects such as clothing or equipment.
  • Loss of future employment opportunities that may arise as a result of the injuries sustained, such as a promotion that you would not be able to take up.

Once my case is won how long before compensation is paid?

We understand that you are likely to need your compensation as quickly as possible and so we do our very best to make sure that this is the case, however it does depend on the circumstances of each individual case. You should receive a large proportion of your compensation within 6 weeks and the rest should usually follow only a few weeks later, although this may vary.

What do I do next?

*Cases issued and finished between 01.01.2019 and 31.12.2019

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*Cases issued and finished between 01.01.2019 and 31.12.2019

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