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Women in Wales – NHS treatment for PIP

In the news

The Welsh parliament has acted positively to aid the women affected by the faulty silicone breast implants produced by PIP.

This is excellent news but ONLY for women who reside in Wales, have their GP in Wales, and who have tried unsuccessfully to have the treatment at a private clinic.

For thousands of women this will be an incredible relief from the months and for some years of anxiety.

All attention is now turned on the remaining parts of Britain whose NHS does not offer this assistance.

Although there have been insufficient clinical tests of the hazards related to the PIP implants we are hearing a resounding voice of women worried for their health and that of their children who were carried when they had ruptured implants and breast fed when the silicone was released into their organic tissue.

This is an urgent medical issue that needs urgent legislation if that is what is required to force the NHS to assist the women now suffering from this chemical exposure.

How we can help

If you are concerned that you have suffered ill health due to the implant from PIP or a related surgical procedure that has gone wrong then please contact Harris Fowler so that we may consider the details and, if we believe you have reasonable prospects of a successful claim, then we will be able to assist you on a No Win No Fee basis. This is a free claim assessment and you will be able to decide whether to pursue compensation.

If you have concerns about the silicone breast implant treatment then contact us on 0800 213214 or complete our simple on line enquiry form to discuss claiming compensation.