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The ugly side of beauty

There are thousands of beauty salons across the U.K. offering a wide range of treatments from fake tans to eye lash tinting. Unfortunately, not all practitioners are properly qualified and do not always take appropriate measures to ensure that treatments are carried out correctly or with the right products.

What can you do about a bad beauty treatment?

Injuries at the salon can happen as a consequence of practitioner negligence and inexperience or use of a defective or previously untested product. As well as causing pain or discomfort, the results can have psychological effects including loss of confidence and embarrassment, particularly as many treatments are carried out on visible areas of the face and body.

Salons and hairdressers owe a duty of care to their clients. A breach of duty would occur, for example, if you were not given a patch test before having your hair coloured or your eyebrows/eye lashes tinted.