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Archive for November 2012

Disaster with the Dentist

Most of us feel anxious about going to the dentist, for most of us this isn’t a specific reason for this fear but for some people things have really gone wrong…

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Ash Dieback Disease and tree treatment

It has been widely reported that Chalara fraxinea, commonly referred to as Ash die-back disease, has now been found in at least 200 sites across the UK.

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Experts have raised concerns over implants

Serious concerns have been raised by health professionals and experts over the use of metal on metal (MoM) implants when carrying out hip replacements and hip resurfacing to the extent that some experts are calling for them to be banned altogether. It is estimated that 65,000 people in the UK have undergone a hip replacement using a ‘metal on metal’ implant. Of these, 49,000 are thought to have had what […]

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In cases of negligence compensation is possible

Breast cancer specialist surgeon, Ian Stuart Paterson, has been suspended by…

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Injured soldiers’ families have permission to sue MoD

The Court of Appeal, recently made a crucial decision for the families of soldiers killed and seriously injured in combat, enabling them to claim compensation against the MoD.

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