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December Update on PIP Litigation

I hope everyone is coping as we now approach the long dark winter nights.

The onset of winter is bringing for the PIP litigation potential great strides moving the issue forward.

I have not updated you since September in case you are worried you have missed something.  This has been a particularly busy time and I will highlight the developments below:


October and November have been very busy again for publicizing these claims.  This is fantastic and we want to keep the momentum going.  Friday 7 December is “Wear Yellow Day” an idea started by one of the forums to raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of women still suffering with the implants.  Yellow is not usually an autumn color so perhaps a small ribbon would be a good accessory to adorn yourself with.

Timeline of publicity:

8 November 2012 Daily Mail published notice for all PIP victims to come forward to present their claims

17 November 2012 Saturday Times Magazine, prominent four page article featuring several of our clients and I provided background and some commentary

25 November 2012 Sunday Express – I provided commentary in support of a small feature article

There are other stories appearing around the country in the local press and radio stations and if you are asked to be involved or provide your story please let me know so that I may have a copy of the details for your file.  My advice is if you are approached is do not be shy, talk to the press, and get your story out.  The more public awareness there is about the real stories and not the stories that feature in reality television shows the better this will be for you and your individual claims.

We are slowly breaking through the negative feelings that were present last winter when the issue of breast implants first hit the media.  At that time, many of you will recall, the critical attitude towards you personally for electing to have a surgical procedure to improve your appearance.

I hope you will agree that is no longer the case.  The public appear more willing to understand and accept that when you decided to have the implants you were responsible in your actions in deciding where to have the procedure done and it is not you who is to blame for why you are suffering.

Fact Finding

Thank you to all who have supplied the additional information and if we have not spoken with you yet we will do so in the coming 2-3 weeks if not by direct email to you.  The information is to allow us prepare for your individual claims.

I have mentioned this to many individually and just as a reminder, please continue to photographs of your implants and of any scarring that you have or any changes to your appearance.  There will be medical evidence obtained however photographs are incredibly useful to demonstrate the change in how you look.

Also keep receipts for any items you have had to purchase or any travel expenses.

MP’s, Allianz and the Association of British Insurers (ABI)

I am overwhelmed by the response from you to my request to contact your MPs.  This is so helpful and although you may not see it personally, the groundswell of complaints is reaching the highest levels of government both here and in Europe.

This also applies to your demands to Allianz and the ABI.  They cannot attempt to say they were unaware or never were asked for help when we have it in black and white.

In Summary

We are still receiving a steady stream of new claims. Some have been turned away by other firms; some have been more cautious about claiming; and some have not previously had any problems but are experiencing these now.

Almost all of you who have tried to obtain removal and replacement by your original clinics have failed and have been very badly treated with cancelled appointments and requests for charges.   The clinics continue to behave very badly and without any moral conscience.

Please also keep an eye out for any new articles or news stories and copy these to me.

My thoughts are with you all and we are working very hard to find the best solution for your claims.  Please may I also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Final Thought

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. ” ~ William Feather