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Archive for October 2013

Crumbling road network – Who pays in the long run?

Crumbling Road Network – Who pays in the long run? After the the glorious temperatures of the summer, where we saw the tarmac on roads melting in the heat, winter is almost upon us and dropping temperatures will soon create a crumbling road network and even more potholes appearing.  Damaged roads and pavements inevitably result in more accidents where people are injured and seek compensation.A report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance [AIA] earlier […]

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Henna Tattoos

I’m always amazed at the array of tattoos that people have and because of the potential risks with conventional methods the Henna Tattoo has grown hugely in popularity. What’s worrying is the number of people that are suffering serious side effects from the popular ‘Black Henna’ tattoos and claims for compensation have increased significantly.  One in ten Britons has had a tattoo, many carried out abroad, but a little research […]

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Access to Justice;eroded by changes to workplace laws

The Government have introduced a major change to the law called the Enterprise & Regulatory Reform Act 2013 and from the beginning of October 2013 will potentially alter the lives of millions of workers if they are injured at work. Access to Justice will never be the same again! This new law will make it much more difficult for a worker, injured at work because of the possible negligence of […]

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