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Holiday nightmares

As hundreds of wanna be holiday makers are stranded due to power failures in the Euro-tunnel system, one is reminded of the lengths we sometimes have to go to make sure we get the break we deserve. Having spent a good time of the year slogging away at work so that we can earn the right to get away, the last thing any of us wants is to be delayed in getting to that holiday spot.

A good proportion of the population will probably head off from these shores looking for the perfect holiday experience. They are likely to come across a variety of experiences from the dream like paradise experience to the ‘I wish we had never even thought of the idea’ experience. One is certainly not attempting to advocate the stay at home experience, but it does make it easier when things go wrong.

Top tips abroad:  get adequate insurance; check that the excursions are covered by the holiday company; take extra first aid items for that emergency and if in Europe don’t forget the old EHIC; check out the Foreign Office website for any potential problems with the country your heading to; passport should be ready (don’t want to get caught in the queue hey!); hydration!!!!!!!! one of the most common health problems in the heat.

In the event long queues at airports are not your thing, don’t forget the beauty spots of the UK, such as West Wales & Cornwall. Many a fun time in those places with the kids…………..and they still want to go even though they’re in their late teens. Must be all about the experience…………….