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Asbestosis – Further Information


There are a number of diseases and health problems that can be caused by exposure to asbestos. Most asbestos-related illnesses can develop more than twenty years after exposure to the substance, and the impact is often not solely related to the Claimant alone but has a much wider effect on the family as a whole. The following conditions are the most common to be associated with asbestos exposure:


Asbestos-related Lung Cancers (such as Mesothelioma)


Pleural thickening or pleural plaques

Professions most likely to encounter health issues as a result of exposure to asbestos include cable layers, carpenters, construction workers, electricians, heating and ventilation engineers, to name but a few. Wives and partners have even been known to develop asbestos-related health problems after washing their spouses’ work clothes that were covered with asbestos dust.

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