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If you have been diagnosed with a condition such as Mesothelioma you will already be aware of the consequences. You will also need a solicitor who understands the issues involved and who has a proven track-record in representing clients in this field of law.  At Harris Fowler we have the expertise and can deal with your claim quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Harris Fowler can help

Talking to someone about this may not be foremost in your mind if you have just been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease but seeking advice early could ease the financial burden if you are unable to work and need specialist treatment.

Since 1994 Harris Fowler has won significant compensation on behalf of injured victims. Although our end goal is to win you the compensation you deserve, our process always begins with getting you the best possible medical care and support. The impact of such a condition can vary widely from patient to patient, which is why we will always treat you as an individual.

Further Information

Mesothelioma is quite a rare cancer but it is becoming more common because of exposure to asbestos by many people 35 – 40 years ago.  More than 2,500 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma in the UK each year and we now know that there are about 5 times as many cases in men as in women mainly because of exposure to asbestos at work. Therefore these are complex cases often involving employers who you worked for many years ago.  Some of those employers may no longer be trading and there is a time limit for bringing such a claim which means it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible.

If you would like further information on the developments in the law relating to mesothelioma please click on the link below.  At Harris Fowler we aim to keep our clients informed of how these cases are being dealt with by the courts.

Mesothelioma Developments

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