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Road Traffic

Check Your Bike!

We have recently been notified of a potential problem with a well known make of hybrid bike which could be potentially hazardous. Recently a client had purchased such a bike that within a few months had sustained a cracked crossbar. The bike was replaced with a similar model which is now only three years old. Not that long ago the client was riding in good conditions on a tarmac road when suddenly […]

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Unsafe Bike!

We have recently taken on cases whereby the client was riding a TREK mountain bike which had rear disc brakes fitted. The quick release lever on the on the rear wheel was found to be closing in a position whereby it would impact with the disc when the wheel was turning. This has led to significant injuries whilst the client’s were riding their bikes. In an article posted in Singletrack […]

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Teenager Awarded Substantial Damages

A young man was in the prime of his teenage years, looking forward to completing his studies at College and moving onto the next stage. Suddenly all that changed due to a very short car journey. Our client was a passenger in a car driven by another young male who had unfortunately been drinking alcohol. The driver due to his actions caused the car containing 3 passengers to crash causing injuries […]

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Think ! Do I Need To Make That Journey….

It’s that time of year when the bad weather can make any journey a very hazardous experience. As was shown only a couple of weeks ago in the North of England and in Scotland when the snow hits it can be devastating. Of course any extreme weather can be responsible for a lot of the accidents that happen on our roads at this time of year and it doesn’t always have […]

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Road Safety Campaigns

The Christmas Drink Drive campaigns operated by Police Forces across the UK are getting results. However their message is not just about reducing the numbers driving whilst over the legal limit during the festive period. Road Safety Campaigns operate all year of course and the wider message is to promote road safety generally. The effort put in by all the agencies involved is to be commended and speed cameras being […]

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