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Injured Pedestrian

injured pedestrian

Pedestrian Crossings – Caution needed

Our Client became one of the awful statistics as an injured pedestrian when on the date of his accident he was knocked over on a pedestrian crossing.

As he approached the crossing he believed that there was a green man on the crossing lights indicating that it was safe for him to cross. He did not notice a car driving towards the crossing and continued to make his way into the road. The car failed to stop and collided with our client who was subsequently taken to hospital by ambulance and needed an operation to put pins into his leg. He asked Harris fowler for legal advice even though he was  was unable to remember exactly what happened in the accident other than him walking towards the crossing.  He believed that he saw the ‘Green Man’ illuminated and walked into the road. The next thing he could remember was waking up in hospital. The police did not take any further action against the driver of the car and their report said that our client had walked into the side of the Defendant’s car. However it also said that the red man on the pedestrian crossing was not working.

injured pedestrian

Negotiation – Determination

One firm of solicitors had already advised the Claimant that they would not pursue the case. However, we believed that we could be successful and arranged for further investigation of the case and in particular the state of the traffic lights at the time. As a result of these investigations we obtained evidence from a man who lived on the road where the accident happened about the crossing lights. He advised that the red man had not been working, that he had reported this to his local authority and the highway authority prior to the accident and was told they would be fixed in due course. He also confirmed that he had checked the lights after the accident and the red man was still not working.

Initially both the driver and the Highway Authority denied liability but following negotiations, including the evidence we had collected about the faulty lights, their insurers put forward an offer to settle our Client’s claim.